Let me start off by telling you about what we mean by a MICE Company. No, we don’t mean people who catch MICE or a secret service spy… MICE is an acronym for four main domains. 




E-vents and Exhibitions

MICE is a curated travel experience catering specifically to the needs of companies.  You may see this now when hotels and destinations have been developing notable conference and meeting facilities dedicated to this sector of tourism. After all, in order to break the monotony of attending a meeting in your office you need to explore outside of your office. Am I right or am I right? 

Companies need to take their employees out for a residential conference or may plan to recognise top performers for an experiential reward. It inevitably means happy employees and smiling faces for a long time.( or maybe only till they don’t miss a deadline 😉

But there’s a big problem here!

Which destination do you select for your residential conference? How do you get the best hotels within your budget? What size conference hall do you look for for a meeting? How do you set up a stage?

Where do you find a solution for all these problems and more? 

The answer is simple- a travel company. And more specifically a MICE specialist like WNY Holidays. 

Here are some pro tips to choose a good MICE travel company, let’s understand the basics. Shall we? 

For a successful MICE event you need to take care of the following:

Hotels: Because after a hectic event, you want the people you go with to feel at home. 

Convention halls: Finding just the right size is crucial for any good event. A hall too big would result in you having to shout during the meeting and a hall too small would result in you breathing down someone’s neck( quite literally).

Transportation: After all, who wants to waste time walking after a long conference? 
Food and entertainment: Good food and  good music= good mood

Audiovisual Equipment- You don’t want your team struggling to hear/see you. So a key element is to be lights, camera, action ready!


Now that we’ve covered the basics of a GOOD MICE event, let me tell you how WNY holidays can help you make this ‘good’ event GREAT!

We can certainly help you find the perfect venue for your needs. Whether it's the hills, beach or in the middle of nowhere, if that’s what you want we’ll make it happen. 

Hotels: One of the most important things you look forward to while going for a trip is the comfort of a good hotel. WNY Holidays has a huge network of great hotels in India and abroad. And let me tell you a little secret, since we’re a travel company and have maintained relationships with the hoteliers we can always get great deals and offers which can add value to your travel.


Convention halls and event venues: Since venue is an important part of a MICE event , we take this very seriously. A senior connection of mine once booked a hall only based on the five star tag attached to the hotel but the hall was so small that they were unable to have their conference and it turned out to be a big fail. So if you want to avoid such mishaps and leave with a guarantee of a successful MICE event, call us. 

Transportation: If you think that we’re just any travel company, think again! Because when we take a client or a group for a vacation, we take care of you right from the beginning. From booking your flights, to checking in for you, booking a bus, renting a vehicle.. Absolutely anything to make your stay more comfortable and your journey more memorable. 

Food and entertainment: We at WNY Holidays hate boring meetings and mundane conferences. So we ensure that you get the best food, the most happening entertainment options and the finest quality drinks as well.( If that’s what you want)

Audiovisual and Set up: Don’t you get annoyed when at a wedding you’re unable to see or hear what’s happening? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well similar is the case when you compromise on audio, visuals or even the backdrop of a MICE event. After all, you want your colleagues to take interest and not fall asleep. So WNY Holidays ensures this and will make sure your event goes hiccup- free. 

Even after all this, if you want to know why WNY Holidays is the right choice for you, please feel free to call us at



We wish you many successful MICE events and hope to be a part of your journey!