Gone are the days when us ladies needed to think twice about traveling alone. Although, it’s unfortunate that women still need to be more mindful in comparison to men- it’s certainly something to be aware of. 

Traveling alone comes with its own set of challenges but is incredibly empowering and fulfilling especially as a female traveler. After all- it leads to a better sense of self, improved self confidence, a feeling of independence and happiness. I mean who doesn’t want that?

Psst! Another perk about traveling alone is that you are your own boss. So you need not compromise on the places you want to see, the hotel you want to book or that luxurious meal you want to have. 

Now that I have your attention ladies and gents- let me share some really important safety hacks which you should definitely keep in mind. 

1. Study! Study and Study! There are times  that you are confident about traveling to a destination alone and wouldn’t require much research about it. However, if you are traveling to a new city or country it is crucial to study the place in depth. Understand the culture, the kind of people you will get to meet, a basic idea of the geography and their customs and  law. Questions although worrisome- are important for you to make note of. “Are there any customs that I should know off? What kind of clothes are culture appropriate? How is the locality where my hotel is located? What kind of people will I meet?” 
These are some important questions you should ideally ask yourself before you start your solo journey as a female traveler. Worried about where you might find these answers? Google it my friend.. And WNY Holidays is always going to be your trusted travel partner in case you ever get stuck. 

2. Staying under the radar is always a good idea. As much as I would want my fellow female explorers to be themselves and have the best time while traveling- it’s safer to stay undiscovered by the locals. This is not to say that every local is going to malintentions when it comes to female travelers but let’s just say that there are good and bad people everywhere and maintaining a low profile is going to help you in staying undetected. Part of this is to dress according to cultural norms. A good idea is to cover your HKS- head, knees and shoulders. But if you are traveling to a tropical destination,beachwear is the way to go. After all, when in Rome.. Do as the Romans do!

3. Rideshares and Taxis are to be used with caution. As basic as this sounds- NEVER hail a cab from the street. If you are booking a taxi from Uber or Ola or any taxi service provider, make sure that your trip is verified and be sure to check the driver’s ratings before you proceed. Avoid carpooling with other people just to save your money as this may give them access to your hotel location, where you went to and that’s the last thing you want. 

4. Don’t try to prove a point, especially when you’re traveling alone. Ladies! I know you’re all strong, fierce, wonderful travel enthusiasts. However, there are always going to be situations which are difficult to manage. My advice- ask for help. From someone you trust, someone who is close to you. And there is nothing wrong with struggling when you’re traveling alone as such challenges are only going to make you more experienced in the future. 

5. Rolex, Rings and Rhinestones are for back home. As much as we would want to flex our bling, it’s not the best idea to wear these during your solo travel. The sad reality is that the chances of getting mugged are more when alone as tourists are an easy target for robbers. But don’t worry.. If you’re someone like me who enjoys wearing jewelry- invest in local ornaments  and earrings that you can flaunt without any stress. Sneaky!

6.Thoughts on drinking and dating? What’s life without a little fun? I understand that as grown up women, no one can stop you from living your best life, meeting new people and having a few rounds of beers or the poison of your choice. But do keep the following in mind: 
Never leave your glass unattended 
Always watch your drink being made
Avoid accepting drinks from strangers 
You know your capacity. So it’s always good to be in control. 
As for dating, avoid going to secluded places and stick to popular sightseeing pit stops. Psst! This way you can always make an easy escape if you’re not enjoying it. And never! EVER exchange your address with the person you went on a date with. 

7. Fake it- Till you make it back home: If at any point you’re lost or don’t know where to go or what to do next, never let other people know this. Maintain a calm and composed demeanor. Enter the nearest cafe or restaurant, go to the washroom and figure out what you need to do next. Remember, you’ve got the answer with you. 

8. Let’s meet other female travelers, shall we? Just because you’re on a solo trip doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Facebook is a great tool to find fellow female travelers. Groups like Digital Nomad Girls Community and Girls Love Travel will help you find your tribe. 

9.This is a given but don’t forget to talk to your family and keep them informed about your whereabouts. A good idea is to always share your hotel name, itinerary, room number and a contact person’s details just in case they’re unable to reach you directly. Remember, you mean a lot to your friends and family and you wouldn’t want them to worry. Would you? 

10. Lastly, traveling will always be an adventure. An adventure which will teach you new things, help you discover yourself and make you become a better version of yourself. So make sure you make the most of it and don’t forget to have fun whenever you can. 

Now that you know these safety hacks, WNY Holidays wishes you a safe trip and in case you need any help with planning your itinerary pan India or around the globe, please feel free to reach out to us at 9873351504 or 9873351507 . 

Safe travel ladies!