Bleisure? Is that a typo for leisure? Well, not exactly. So let me break it down for you and introduce you to the concept of bleisure trips in the travel world. 

You might have been a part of a corporate meeting in a destination other than your office. It could be a nearby getaway,  a factory visit, a meeting at your headquarters or a different branch. 

This may involve some conferences, presentations, meet and greet with other colleagues in the same organization and can be quite hectic and frankly.. Tiring. 

To make such trips a success, expect a fuller attendance and keep the employees engaged- corporates have started with bleisure trips. 

Bleisure= Business+ Leisure

As corporate giants and organizations have a work agenda to be completed, most bleisure trips start off as work and are then extended into a couple of nights of sightseeing and relaxation. So your 2 nights residential conference in Goa may turn into a 4 night residential bleisure trip with sightseeing, gala dinner, shack parties, shopping drop and much more. 

Want to know another fun name for these? BIZCATION! Fun,right? 

The goal behind bleisure trips is to boost employee morale and reward them for their contribution in the organization. Another advantage of bleisure trips is to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty to your company. I mean a small gesture goes a long way when it comes to treating your employees right. And employees find it equally exciting as it saves up on their expense of a personal trip.(psst! I know it’s a major perk) You get an all paid 4 day vacation with your tickets, accommodation, food, sightseeing and even gala dinners included! It’s a WIN- WIN!

So now that we’ve spoken about Bleisure trips and their goals- let me break down what it is that the hospitality industry needs to keep in mind. Or what is it that the bleisure enthusiasts are looking at? 

Facilities to work with a view: Let’s not forget that such trips are equal parts business and leisure. And work can only happen in a conducive and work friendly environment. So the hotels must be geared up with high speed wifi, good quality stationary, conference hall, AV equipment in working condition and multiple spaces for work. Since organizations choose hotels based on an ‘X factor’ that the other hotel isn’t offering, we suggest that you offer a workspace with a view like the beach, the mountains, a valley or something unique. 

Ready transport onsite: It is quite possible that after a tiring conference, bleisure residents might want to step out for a while and explore the destination a little better. As hosts, hotels must be well equipped with coach contacts, vehicles on call to provide the very best service to the guests. 

Add ons are BIG with corporates: Since corporates usually travel in groups, it is up to you to make them feel special and build on your clientele. So it is suggested that hotels offer some laundry discounts, discount on liquor, coupons on spa or something complimentary as a gift. 

One man- One group: Unless you have a dedicated tour operator like WNY Holidays who takes care of all your stay, transportation, sightseeing and conferencing needs, we suggest you only coordinate with one person for all your bleisure needs to avoid confusion. 
Lastly, it is possible that sometimes employees might get the provision of traveling with family. After all, if your trip is for 5 days, some corporations might allow families to come on board. So hotels can offer special activities and facilities for children and families. Eg- Designated area for evening bonfire, DJ, etc. 

Now that we’ve spoken about everything ‘Bleisure’ related leisurely and you want to indulge in a bleisure trip yourself, we suggest you call a MICE expert like WNY Holidays for your next itinerary and experience the true meaning of leisure coupled with work.  Call us for MICE/ Group Travel/ FITS/ Ticketing/ Visas/ Tour packages/ Unique itineraries/ Corporate requirements 9873351507 or 9873351504