Hello readers! Greetings from WNY Holidays with elan.

Trust me when I say this, there’s no one happier than us to see that international travel is flourishing like before and how!  

The skills one gains from traveling abroad result in lifelong benefits for you as an individual. From stepping out of one’s comfort zone, developing a sense of multiculturalism, learning new languages and networking with people from all over the world~ the advantages seem to be overwhelmingly greater, wouldn’t you agree?

But one can only seek these benefits if they are a conscious global traveler. What’s that? Well, in this blog I’m going to help you understand whether you wish to be a good or a bad global traveler. Ready to make the choice yet? 

Guess you’re always going to be the guest, huh? When you’re traveling globally, it is crucial to keep in mind that you are simply visiting and aren’t native to the destination itself. This is not to say that you’re an outsider, but to be respectful of your welcome. A good global travel is mindful of respecting their host, the people and engaging with them thoughtfully. 

Don’t dress to impress. Rather impress with your mindful dressing. There are many destinations where showing skin is completely acceptable and even the norm. But in other destinations revealing your knee or hair could mean disrespect. Now as a globetrotter, a general rule of thumb is ‘when in doubt, more clothes is better.’ Psst! Buying a piece of clothing like a colorful headscarf or kurta  from the local market will definitely help you fit in and is a great conversation starter if you ask us. 

When in doubt, ASK! You must have heard this from your teachers- ‘ask us a million questions and we would be happy to answer.’ Well apply this rule when you’re traveling next. The more you ask- the more you know. Ask about whatever and whoever makes you curious. Directions, culture, the dress someone’s wearing, where you can buy it, the best places to party and much more. Not only will this add to your knowledge but also give you a chance to engage with people. And trust me, people really like it if you take interest in your culture. 

Your body speaks a different language. Be careful! When we’re in a new place, meeting unfamiliar faces for the first time, listening to an unknown language or taste different cuisines - you might have a bit of an extreme reaction. You might frown, look surprised, confused, grin, have a smirk which might be disrespectful to say the least. Remember the first point- you’re a guest. So my advice to you if you want to be a good universal traveler, avoid fake smiles, use open body language, smile and have a cordial stance while approaching the people. 

Good communication is the key to their hearts. Any international rover should learn some basic words of the spoken language of the country they are traveling to. So if you’re in India, ‘ Namaste’( a greeting used in India),  ‘Hanji’( respectfully yes), ‘Shukriya’(thank you), ‘Nahi’( No) are some words you can probably keep in mind. Learning new languages will not just add to your skills but will always be a great icebreaker, it will turn a few heads and break a few smiles for sure. 

Permission tick, before you click. I do understand the fascination that comes with seeing a new place and witnessing exotic beauties. I really do. And I also know the urge to capture all this in a photograph, reel or video. But make sure you ask for permission before you click pictures of them or their property. You wouldn’t like it if someone took your pictures without asking first, would you? And if you ask nicely, 90% of the time people will give you permission to photograph them.

Go local with food I know this might be the toughest to follow. But as a good global traveler you should experience the authenticity of local cuisine. And if you’re not too comfortable with local food, have hygiene issues, or a sensitive stomach- we suggest you try local cuisine in the comforts of your hotel. 

Get handy with handicrafts We know the pressure from your family and friends when it comes to getting gifts from your international trip. And most of us shop at the last minute from the airport. My suggestion is to buy quality local handicrafts which would have greater meaning to your loved ones. 

Lastly, support environmentally friendly travel. Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible and completely limit your use of plastic whatsoever. For more tips on environmentally friendly travel, stay tuned for our next blog.

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