Who doesn’t love a road trip with friends or hitting the road with your entire family? I’m sure that you’re already imagining yourself looking out the window, listening to slow journey songs while munching on some snacks. But before you hit the road I am certain that you have a question in your mind- What are some road trip essentials I should carry?

WNY Holidays has come to your rescue with the ULTIMATE guide for road trip essentials, so that you can start planning your dream road trip.

Snack attack: Have you ever come across your family when they’re hungry? Not a pleasant sight I’m sure. If you’re traveling with teens or children, this is an absolute MUST. Keeping snacks from home will help you save a lot of money while you’re on the road and you won’t even have to worry about looking for a clean restaurant on your way. We recommend you keep healthy snacks like fruits, salads, wheat cookies, nuts etc. to keep yourself energized throughout the journey.

Chargers to charge your trip with fun: Let’s be honest here! Even if we love the view or the people we’re going on the road trip with, we NEVER want to run out of battery on a long journey. After all, what if there’s a crying baby in the car and you want to listen to your music, or an important soccer match is happening while you’re on the road but you can’t check the score because your battery ran out. Sounds like a nightmare! To avoid this, we recommend you to always carry multiple car adapters of different sizes in your car.

Headphones- a true savior: A crying baby, an angry sibling, a talkative friend or the noise of traffic make it impossible to rest on a road trip, right? Which is why we recommend you to always carry your headphones with you. This way you can do your own thing without getting disturbed by others. Easy-peasy!

Get cozy: Sitting with an open window or with the AC on blast for 5-6 hours can be quite challenging, especially in winters. We recommend you to always carry a thin blanket and a neck pillow so that you can truly enjoy your journey and not just wait for your destination. 

What about water? As much as you may avoid drinking water on a road trip( psst! For obvious reasons), you can’t stay without it as well. We recommend you to carry a big water bottle with disposable glasses, so that you stay hydrated, happy and healthy. 

First aid kit: Although WNY Holidays hopes that you never use this while you’re on a road trip, one should always be prepared for the worst. We recommend you to carry medications for headache, stomach pain, fever, nausea, some bandaids and some cotton for the way. 

Doc up!: A good road trip means a safe road trip. We at WNY Holidays believe that it’s essential to keep all your travel related documents, insurance papers, drivers license, etc before you hit the road and make sure that all your papers are valid. 

Weather essentials: If you plan to travel in summers, we suggest you to travel with your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. However, if winter is the time you hit the road, a woolen cap, a thermos and gloves are a must keep.

Getting lost is not an option with navigation: I’m sure you’ve experienced getting lost and losing your network at the same time. Scary, isn’t it? Which is why you must always have a good navigation app on your phone. Psst! It’s even better if you have two. 

WNY Holidays: What happens after you reach your destination? Which hotel do you go to? What is the best market to visit? How do you get the best rates possible? 
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