Hotel marketing

We understand the revenue challenges for a hotel.

Integrated Sales

Travel agents, Consolidators, Niche group travel companies, MICE and corporates make a large part of business for a Hotel. Every segment has its own challenges and the learning curve is time consuming and often expensive.

Right Marketing Mix

Branding for a hotel goes much deeper than just the name and logo. Carefully and smartly nurtured brand value that a hotel becomes creates becomes a huge asset and gives it an edge in selling and commanding a premium.

Unlock Profits

Increasing reach by forays into newer markets, value additions better sales planning and MIS can help your hotel to unlock the profits that has been a struggle in the past. As they say, understanding the problem is half the solution.

Why partner with us

Building a beautiful property and running it beautifully are two very separate things. While building a Hotel requires good taste, investment capabilities and a passion for creating beautiful places, managing it profitably is a specialised task which requires a very different skillset. Very often we come across hotels that are doing okay but can do much better. At WNY We call it 'Unlocking the potential' . For a single hotel company it makes more sense to grow the network rather than focus all energies to manage and run the enterprise. No hassles of managing a sales office, hiring and training people, handling day to day sales processes, revenue targets, brand promotions, networking with the travel trade etc.

Single hotels are unhappy with the current sales revenues.

Hoteliers wish to make another hotel after stabalising the sales

Partner with us

Give your hotel a team that can make a difference

Over 100 years of industry experience

In hotel sales, MICE and Events

Sales Development

We follow a holistic approach to sales. Selling at the right value point is always more important than selling more no.s.

Make a complete Brand

Selling more rooms is of seldom any use if its not backed by the services and operations. We can help you to help you establish a good brand.