Tired of staying at home this summer? Want to wave the heatwave goodbye? 

Well there’s one simple solution for this- pack your bags and rush to the refreshing hills. And to help you pack your bags just a little better, WNY Holidays is here with 10 essential things that should DEFINITELY make it in your ‘to keep’ list for hill stations. 

Starting with the basics. Woolens! ( It’s pretty obvious isn’t it?) Even though you might be on vacation and want to look your best, keeping yourself warm should always be your number one priority. So if you’re going on a holiday to the hills for a week, you should at least keep two woolen sweaters or jackets to keep yourself cozy for the entire trip. 

Secondly, shoes. ‘Good shoes take you to great places.’ And this is especially true in the case of your choice of footwear in the hills. Carry a pair of heels and you might be in for a big fall.. And be prepared to slip if you’re wearing your

 slippers while you’re on a trek. Instead, carry a good pair of sports shoes to keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout your adventure in the hills. 

Aanchoo! The weather’s getting to you,isn’t it? Well, that brings me to our third essential item- tissues or a handkerchief. This will not only help you with a runny nose but will also be useful when you’re deep into a trek, sweaty, muddy and need to clean yourself up. Now that’s convenient!

Water bottle (thermal): What’s the fun in the hills without something hot to sip on? Some ginger tea or chai or a flask of strong coffee.. With a thermal water bottle you can enjoy this on the go- Anytime! Anyplace! Besides, it’s always better to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed while you’re at a high altitude like the hills. 

We hope you never need this, but it’s better to carry your own first aid kit when you’re set to travel in the mountains. Motion sickness, feeling faintish, nosebleeds, stomach ache, cuts and bruises and the common cold are frequent unwanted visitors when you’re visiting the hills. In fact, I would suggest you to always carry a ‘just in case’ medicine kit regardless of where and when you’re traveling. 

Cash up! Finding an ATM is a task in itself when you’re off to a vacation in the mountains. Relying on card machines is also a risky bet as you may face a connection error. My suggestion- CASH UP! Withdraw cash before you leave for your trip. This way you’re all set to indulge yourself for the rest of the holiday without having to worry about money. Easy!( Psst! This is also a great way to keep your budget in check)

Too cold to take a bath? How about a deodorant and some dry shampoo? As disgusting as skipping a bath may sound, the reality of the cold weather might force you into skipping it entirely. So to be prepared for this, I suggest you carry an antiperspirant deodorant and a dry shampoo to stay fresher than ever. 

Moisturizer and lip balm: As important as it is to hydrate yourself, your skin needs the moisture too. Especially in any area at a high altitude as it tends to get even drier for your skin there( as the sun is right in your face). So WNY Holidays would suggest you to carry a hydrating moisturizer, a lip balm and a sunscreen to keep your skin happy and you happier!

Leather jackets: Leather jackets are just the perfect attire for the hills. And let me remind you they’re equally smart and useful for the chilly weather. What more do you want? 

Lastly, this is not something you can pack but it’s an essential for your trip to the hills. CALLING US! WNY Holidays specializes in individual and group travel. Kasauli, Bhimtal, Mukteshwar or Mussoorie..  

You name it and we can make it happen. So call us at 9873351507 or 9873351504 for your holiday in the hills and we can offer the best rates possible and the best hotel deals for this. 

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it!

We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day