10 brilliant tips to pack like a pro



Imagine planning for a trip to the delightful Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand or getting ready to visit the Dal Lake in Srinagar, India… Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

But there is just one thing we all dread. To take out that heavy suitcase and start packing. Well, WNY Holidays is here with 10 genius tips that you need to start using to make packing hassle free. 

1. List it so that you don’t miss it: Before you start packing make a list of all the essentials that you need to carry for your trip. If you are going for a corporate trip, you might have to carry some important documents, formal clothes, your laptop, a pair of casual clothes and portable chargers. But if you are traveling on a family holiday you may write clothes, shoes, your child’s important toiletries, your child’s clothes, a camera, etc. You may ask your partner or someone you’re traveling with to cross check and add to this list, so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

2. Suit yourself with the right size suitcase: Believe it or not, it’s vital that the suitcase you’re carrying is the right size for the occasion. Consider it the ‘Cinderella’s shoe’ of your holiday. So if you’re going for a short trip or a meeting, try and carry a small suitcase which is easy to carry and move around. And if you’re going for a long vacation or a wedding, you know you’re going to be packing heavy and it’s better to carry one big bag than multiple suitcases. 


3. Don’t go overboard: Lay out everything that you have to carry on a bed or table and then edit mercilessly. Although this may seem pointless at first, trust us when we say that this will stop you from going overboard while packing. This process will help you in keeping only the essentials, leaving you baggage and stress free.

4. Rock and ‘Roll’: The hack which has come in handy for the WNY team a lot is to roll your clothes and pack them first. The correct method to do so is to fold in the sleeves, tuck in any excess fabric, lay the top/shirt facedown and then roll. Although this might seem like you’re ruining the ironing and the fit of your clothes, rolling them will prevent creases and take up less space than usual. Once you’ve packed your clothes this way, you can start adding your shoes, toiletries and accessories to your bag. 

5. Make travel friendly fabrics your friend: If you’re in for a long journey or don’t want the hassle of re-ironing your clothes, try to keep clothes which don’t crease and crumple easily. Stretchy fabrics like Spandex are great for travel and woven fabrics like linen and cotton twill are something you should avoid. 



6.Ever heard of packing cubes?  Packing cubes are cloth bags which come in different sizes which help in keeping your clothes and accessories organized. They’re lightweight and moldable into any shape which make them a must have for your travel bag. Psst! A great tip is to use different packing cube for shoes, accessories and toiletries and label them to avoid confusion. 

7.Better safe than sorry- medical kit: Although we at WNY Holidays never want you to fall sick, there may be some unfortunate situations wherein you might fall sick. We don’t want you to struggle in such an unpleasant time and would advise you to always keep a medical kit with you while traveling. You may add basic medicines for headaches, fever and cold,  gut issues, eyedrops, a soothing balm, bandages , etc.  

8.Sling/ Mini bag for your convenience: Traveling in the post COVID times means you may need to carry your mask, sanitiser and some important travel documents with you. WNY Holidays recommends that you carry a sling or a small bag with you where you may carry your important documents, tickets, identity proof and covid accessories. This way, you can conveniently use them from time to time without having to open your big travel bag. Easy!

9. Take a Tote: Sometimes you may want to take back some goodies for your loved ones and other times you may be forced to. In any case, your goodies may or may not necessarily fit in your suitcase and we don’t want your loved ones to suffer because of this. Our advice to you would be to always carry a spare tote bag with you in your suitcase in case you decide to shop extra for yourself or your friends and family. 

10. Be safe from the liquid attack: In case you’re planning on carrying liquid lotions, perfumes or mists we would encourage you to carry them in a ziplock bag to prevent them from spilling all over your clothes. Trust me, we’ve all been there and no one wants to go on a vacation with stained clothes. 

"When you figure out your suitcase , you figure out your life"

 Well thats how far some experts have stretched the travel packing skills !
We at WNY Holidays hope that you pack light and pack right on your next flight! Do leave your comments and feedback.